Friday, June 13, 2014

Updates {June 13, 2014}

The quilt Owen got during his latest hospital stay.
Yesterday was my birthday! I got some yarn. Gorgeous merino/ silk yarn that is actually going to be something for me since I refuse to waste anything with silk in it on the kids. I also got some new stitch markers and some really nice artisan hand lotion. Best of all my Mom came up for a visit. Due to busy schedules on both ends, we don't see each other much lately. Today, I used some of my birthday money (yes, I got money too) to get my hair cut for the first time in almost a year. It feels so much nicer now.
Rod brought home dinner last night so I didn't have to cook on my birthday. Although I did make shortcakes since I decided I wanted strawberry shortcake with our own fresh, homegrown strawberries instead of cake. That also meant that the kids didn't have to try to shove 43 candles into a birthday cake for me. Which is always a good thing.
This is our busy season! I know we're always busy, but June gets really crazy. My mom and nephew Braeden have birthdays on the 9th, then my birthday is the 12th, then Rod's is the 16th, and my nephew Tyler's is the 22nd. Throw in Father's day and it just makes me thankful that we don't have any weddings or graduations to attend this year. Especially with Owen's recent hospital stay and the upcoming ones. It looks like we will be in the hospital every 2-4 weeks for quite a while. Tomorrow the older kids are going to the Starlight Teen Prom. Devon is really looking forward to it, but Connor and Cameron are attending under duress because Mom thinks it's good for them. There's also the Boy Scout Camping/River Rafting trip at the end of the month and Devon leaves for Boston the 25th. I can't even keep track of everything enough to blog about it. We should have some good pictures this month though! Assuming that I remember to charge the camera, of course!

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