Sunday, June 15, 2014

Starlight Prom!

No, Owen didn't go to the prom. Yes, he had to be in pictures anyway.
Last night was the Starlight Children's Foundation Prom. Starlight Northwest is no longer doing the Great Escapes program, so it was also the last Starlight event we got to participate in. Devon was very excited about the prom and even took a "date" this year. Connor and Cameron only attended under duress. Mean Mom and Despicable Dad decided that dressing up and going out in public was good for them and made them go, like it or not. We also set the requirement that they had to be gracious and dance at least one dance if they were asked to. See how mean we are! My nephew Tyler also agreed to go although he refused to dress up. Since he refused to even go to his own 8th grade tea, we decided to overlook the dress code violation and be happy he agreed to go at all. Want to know how hard it is to get a good picture of 4 kids, especially when a few of them were less than thrilled about dressing up in the first place? Just look below.
Hey look! Everyone is actually facing the camera!
We finally found Tyler!

And some more pictures of the actual prom. These were all taken by the kids as Mom and Dad didn't attend.
I think this picture is my favorite! Love the expressions!
Beautiful Kalina, can you tell her Mom is a photographer?

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