Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Look Out Boston!

Devon left today for her trip to Boston! Boston still has a while to prepare since she won't actually get there until 9:30 tomorrow morning. Devon has been planning this trip for quite a while, but I admit she was getting a little bit nervous just before they left. I think she repacked her bags 3 or 4 times. Rod is dropping her off at the airport. With her flight being so late it wasn't really an option for all of us to drop her off. That plus all of us at the airport is pretty much the stuff nightmares are made of.
Brenna has already been wandering around the house calling for her. Owen started complaining 3 days ago. They'll really miss their big sister!  While she's gone we are working on transitioning Brenna to the girls room. We'll see how that goes, so far it's not much of a success. The little girls might not sleep at all tonight. Devon gets back on July 10th, so hopefully I'll have some great pictures to post then.

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