Sunday, June 22, 2014

Neverending No More!!!!!

I FINALLY finished The Sweater That Never Ends!!!! So, I guess I should rename it, but I'm not going to because it still seemes like it took forever. This was originally going to be Devon's Christmas present. Then, I pushed it back to her Birthday. It became pretty obvious that wasn't going to happen, so I absolutely promised, pinky swear forever, that I would finish it by the time her school let out for the year. And, I made it with a couple (literally 2 by the time it got washed) days to spare!!!!
I'm pretty happy with the end result. There are two little flaws that really bug me, one totally my fault and one the pattern's fault. This pattern couldn't possibly have  been written any more awkwardly if they tried. I've knitted patterns translated from other languages by someone who doesn't actually speak English fluently that were more concise than this pattern. I don't know if the author or the publisher are to blame, but I will never knit this again. Here's my Ravelry Project Page, where I complain about some of the flaws in the pattern. Devon loves it though, which is the important thing.
The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! I'm trying to figure out what else I want to knit with it since I love it so much. This particular colorway has just been discontinued, unfortunately, but they have several other beautiful colors available on this base. Overall I'm going to give this project a thumbs up since the finished project turned out fine despite the horrible pattern! Plus Devon loves it! Did I say that already? It's always a good day when a teenager actually wants to wear something her Mom made her out in public.

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