Wednesday, July 9, 2014

All Day!!!

It took me all day to replace the elastic/velcro strap on Owen's Tiny Superhero cape with a nice soft ribbon, so hopefully he'll wear it more ( he loves his cape, but complains about the velcro itching), and to make a set of wristbands for his upcoming Superhero Photo Shoot. Seriously, ALL DAY! Not because it was a difficult sewing project, it actually couldn't have been much simpler. It just took me that long because of all the interruptions. I think I need my big kids back! It's been just me and the 4 youngest all week. Luckily, Devon comes back tomorrow!! Not until late, but the little kids can't wait to see her again. Connor and Cameron won't be back until Saturday afternoon, then everyone will finally be home until Owen's next hospital visit the 22nd.

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