Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Beads!

Owen's latest Beads of Courage arrived today!!! I haven't ordered his beads in over 3 months, so this batch included a couple of overnight hospital visits, a few EEGs, a whole bunch of ketogenic diet compliance, and our one year Ambulance Free bead.

This daisy bead represents one year without an ambulance call. One whole year! Yes, we celebrate some interesting anniversaries around here. For almost two years we had to call an ambulance for life-threatening seizures at least every other month. At the very worst time, we were calling 3 times a week.
Owen also earned a 100 bead this time! For every 100 hundred beads earned the child gets a special fimo bead. Owen had 4 with his first back up bead order and just got his first one since we've been on the program. The  courage cards and beads are for "special" events where the child has to show extra courage. Owen earned these for his diet changes and his brand new ESES diagnosis.
In addition, he got several colored beads for his hospital stays, EEGs, "pokes", and clinic visits. I can't even begin to tell you how happy these beads make him. It is such a great way of showing his accomplishments.
Brenna isn't about to be left out of anything, so she had to try on Owen's beads too.

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