Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Home Again (Barely) !

Pictures from Devon's trip
Everyone is finally home again! Sort of. Devon got back from her trip to Boston on Thursday, just in time to have a friend from out of town spend the night. Then she was gone most of Friday night, catching up with other friends.
Saturday night, Connor and Cameron got back from Boy Scout camp in Oregon. They actually spent one night at home before going to their cousins house for a sleepover.
Uncle Sonny and Aunt Linda
Monday, Devon was gone all day catching up with yet another friend and helping Grandma. Tuesday, Connor (or maybe Cameron, I can't even remember) will be helping Grandma while the other two older kids babysit so I can fit in a doctor's appointment for me.
Then, Devon is meeting still more friends and following that up by another event on Wednesday. Thursday is Owen's birthday. Friday is Cameron's birthday. Saturday is their joint birthday party and another night out for Devon. Next week we have Owen's next hospital visit. I can barely keep track of who is where anymore! Anyway, I'll have more pictures of Devon's trip once I can actually get together with her to do a post. I don't have any pictures of the boys trip because I didn't have another functioning camera to send with them. I think we'll be getting another camera for Christmas!

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