Sunday, July 13, 2014

Swim Social!

Owen's fever finally broke yesterday (he hasn't been coughing since Wednesday) so we were able to attend the Parent to Parent swim social. Parent to Parent has been such a wonderful support to our whole family since Owen was born. Tonight was especially nice since this event was designed to be fun for the whole family. Okay, well, actually only Rod and I and the 4 youngest kids attended since Devon had already spent a lot of time at the pool over the last few weeks and the older boys had just barely gotten back from a week at camp and just wanted to go home and eat. All of us who went had a lot of fun though!
We got to catch up with friends we haven't seen for almost a week and friends we haven't seen for almost a year.
Duncan spent much of his time racing against some of the other boys. He was also the only one of our children present who was tall enough to ride the water slide, much to Owen's disappointment.
Owen and Brenna loved to just float and be pulled around the pool. neither one of them has even the tiniest bit of fear about the water. I actually wish Owen had a little more fear. He seems perfectly convinced that he can breathe underwater, or maybe just not breathe at all for minutes at a time. Brenna, at least has enough fear of strangers to not go very far away from Rod or I.
Morgan did a lot of playing in the water, but also practiced her swimming skills so that she can go down the waterslide once she grows another inch. Yes, she was ONE measly inch too short to go down.

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