Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Camping - June 2014 {Ketogenic Diet}

We made it through the camping trip with no ambulances or tow trucks! I think I need another week to recover. I've pretty much caught up all the extra laundry and dishes, but I still need to make up for not cooking keto meals all weekend. The trip to the campground went pretty well. We had one minor bout of car sickness, but that was all. The trip home was a bit of a different story. My two youngest were suffering from a severe lack of sleep and change of routine and pretty much whined and/or screamed the whole way home.
The older kids and Rod got to go river rafting, but fire was the favorite activity of the little kids. I thought someone was going to fall in several times. It took most of the weekend to teach Owen about safety circles. Brenna thinks she's 12 or maybe 20, so she was quite convinced that she could do anything the older kids could do. No one actually got burned though, so I think we did alright.
Owen's keto cheese sandwich
Yes, Owen got to roast hot dogs and marshmallows even though he couldn't eat them. He actually seemed fine with making them for everyone else. Owen's favorite way to cook marshmallows is to just flame them to ash. I figured a package of marshmallows cost less than a dollar, so why not just let him waste them if it makes him happy.

Brenna still mostly clean
Brenna a day later, not clean!
Morgan had lots of fun

Rod finally got Brenna to take a nap, but only as long as he held her. She didn't sleep well at all the first night. Sleeping in the tent freaked her out, especially when the big kids were still up and shining their flashlights around. She slept better the second night, but was still pretty grouchy on the ride home.
Unfortunately, I came home with a whole bunch of really blurry pictures. The kids just wouldn't stop moving long enough for me to get good photos!
Owen photo bomb!
These two were so adorable! They play so well together.
Sunday, we headed into Leavenworth before going home.
While everyone else had goodies in the gingerbread shop, Owen and I played with the cutest little beagles outside.
Owen doing a little dance while everyone else eats lunch on the way home.

Traveling with Owen's keto diet went very well. I made most of his food up in advance and just weighed out his fruit and butter with our travel scale at the campground. It was very nervewracking packing for him. We can't just go to the store and get anything we might have missed bringing, so we had to bring everything we might possibly need. I made up for it by being pretty lax on packing for everyone else. I can always run to the store if I forget anything any one else needs. I can't even pick up sunscreen for Owen as there are only a couple of brands he can use and most aren't available at small stores. But, like I said, everything went fine. We had no major mishaps. Although I will admit that I'm not ready to do it again any time soonI

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