Sunday, July 20, 2014

Birthday Party!

We only sent one kid for stitches, so I'm calling the birthday party a success! Although, Owen never did manage to get his legs to stretch far enough to reach the pedals on the go-cart. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying!
The "I finally give up" face.
As per our usual summer birthday party routine, the party consisted of kids running around, playing in the kiddie pool, shooting arrows, and riding quads and go-carts. This year we were able to borrow quads from the next door neighbor and Grandma Sallie, so there were twice as many turns as usual. Which was especially nice once the go-cart broke!
Owen and Simon
My nephew Braeden
I was mostly busy manhandling little kids, so I didn't get many pictures of the kids riding. I think Devon got some, but I haven't downloaded her camera yet.
Brenna got a belated birthday present to open which made her VERY happy. She'd been feeling a little left out with all the presents that weren't hers. In case you are wondering how to tell boys apart from girls, the girls are the ones who are excited to get clothes for their birthdays! Even at two years old, Brenna was thrilled to get clothes for her birthday. The boys not so much, except for Owen's John Deere hoodie. He was really excited about that since his other one doesn't fit anymore and it's his favorite.
Owen was even excited about one of his cards! A Skylanders card that talks, he played with that as much as any of the presents!
The wind wasn't cooperating with the candles, but we finally got one lit for Owen to blow out. That's his favorite part of the cake, since he can't actually EAT the cake. We did get our little tubie friend to eat some frosting as well as the M&M's off of most of the cupcakes and part of a hot dog. So that's a plus even if we did send his big brother to the hospital.
I think overall, the kids had a great time. I'm absolutely exhausted and quite glad that we don't have another birthday for several months!

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