Thursday, July 17, 2014


Five years ago this little boy entered our lives and they have certainly never been the same since. We have been tested, and challenged, and BLESSED in so many ways. We've been through things I would never wish on anyone, yet would never change. On one hand, I can hardly believe it's been five whole years, on the other hand it feels like it's been forever.
Five Things to Know About Owen
1) His favorite color is blue. In fact, he loves blue so much that he absolutely insists that his eyes are blue. When I told him that meant that we didn't match, he relented enough to let his eyes be blue during the day and brown at night. He is absolutely convinced that this is true.
2) He loves Skylanders! You might notice the Skylanders shirt he's wearing. It's one of 5 he owns, since he often refuses to wear anything else.
3) Owen LOVES water, as long as it's not in a bathtub. Pools, great! Sprinklers, wonderful! The splash park is his favorite, other than Great Wolf Lodge. He'll whine and cry about the bathtub, and complain about getting his hair wet though.
Brenna decided she was Owen, not Brenna because she wanted to open a present too.

4) His favorite food is French fries. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to come up with anything close to a French fry on the Ketogenic diet. It's what he misses the most.
5) Owen just got his very own library card! He practiced writing his own name for over a month, so he'd be ready. The library is probably his favorite place to go that doesn't include water. He'd go every day if I'd let him.
We're having a combined party for Owen and Cameron on Saturday, so I'll have more pictures then. Owen couldn't wait that long to open his presents though. He is well aware that today is his real birthday and insisted on presents tonight.

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