Thursday, July 3, 2014

My New Best Friend

Keeping Owen busy while everyone else eats.
I have a new best friend. I don't actually know her name or anything, but that's totally irrelevant, she's still my best friend.

Yesterday, I ended up at the grocery store with my three youngest kids just before dinner time. Yes, I know better, but sometimes life doesn't work out as planned. We made it through the store, got everything on our list  and were waiting in the endless check out line. Now, my kids are pretty good in stores, Owen has a few issues, but grocery stores are pretty much torture for anyone on a diet as restrictive as his. They were being pretty good, but check out always taxes our good behavior to the extreme. They were still doing pretty well, but were getting a bit antsy. And the line was long. The lady in front of us asked me if they were all mine (yes, I know, I only had three with me, but three is really pushing the limits of family size these days). I said that they were indeed all mine and she asked if we were planning on any more. To which I replied that I actually had four more at home.


 I'm bracing myself at this point for the upcoming negative comment, since it's virtually impossible to admit to having SEVEN children in public these days without some sort of rude comment. She looks me up and down and blurts out "How old are you? You can't possibly be old enough to have 7 kids. You don't look like you can be more than 30 tops!" So anyway, like I said, I have a new best friend! For those of you who don't remember, I turned 43 last month. Then to make things even better, she went on about how much fun we must have at our house with all those kids! Seriously, I can't believe I didn't get her name and number. Even my husband says I look 35 now.

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