Monday, March 24, 2014

A Dream Come True

All pictures in this post were taken by Duncan!
I have been in love with alpacas since the first time I ever saw one. I knew right then and there that I wanted to have some one day. Almost five years ago, we moved out here in the country on acreage and planned to have more animals. Sheep, goats, alpacas, or maybe all three. We did have 2 little Nigerian Dwarf goats when we moved and added two more goats over the next year. But, then Owen was born and a lot of our time and money have been taken up with his medical needs. Last year one of my little goats escaped and ate a rhododendron and died and my older sickly goat didn't make it through this past winter. With our goat herd down to two, Rod and I decided that this year we would make time for some more animals if I could find some for the right price.
Enter alpacas. This little herd was rescued last year from a very neglectful situation. The family who rescued them is going to be moving to the other side of the country to care for an ill family member and didn't think that they could manage to take the alpacas with them. So, they have come to live with us. I have alpacas now!
We have three adult females, black Sonata, white Pixie, and brown and white Glory B. We also have a female cria, Surprise. Surprise was hard to get pictures of because the adults keep protecting her, but you can see her little face over top of her mama's back in the above picture.
Then there is Mr. Roscoe, the adult male and father of little Surprise. They are settling in well and getting used to the kids and dogs and goats and geese. They are still a little unsure of us, but I think we'll win them over soon. They are very curious animals and love to know what is going on. They make the cutest little noises too.
I got to carry little Surprise from the van to the field when I brought them home and I can't wait to work with her fiber! She is so incredibly soft and plush. Brenna wants to sleep with her. I'm so excited to have them!

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