Saturday, March 8, 2014

Another Finished Project!

I'm currently working on two large projects The Sweater That Never Ends and a tunic for Morgan that I haven't gotten pictures of yet. I was getting a little bogged down and decided that I needed to make a fast project in order to have the accomplishment of actually finishing something. So, I made this Infinity Scarf for Devon. I made it on big needles with bulky yarn, so it only took two days.
I bought this yarn back in November on a Thanksgiving Weekend sale and there was only one skein, but Devon had requested a scarf that was smaller than my scarf that she's been wearing all winter, so it was just perfect.
Yes, I know this is Morgan not Devon. I didn't want to wait until Devon got home from school to get pictures.

The stitch pattern is pretty close to the scarf I made myself, except that I was too lazy to actually look up the pattern I used on mine, so I just winged it. It is really nice to actually have a finished project again. I was so inspired that I almost finished one more part of the Neverending Sweater. I'm starting to think I might actually finish it someday!

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