Thursday, March 13, 2014


Brenna has turned into quite a stinker lately. The other day she told Devon, "You're a witch!" and ran away laughing like crazy. She has been telling me that Duncan poops in her diaper, not her. Despite the diaper wearing, she also seems convinced she's 12 or 20. She likes to paint, knit, and do other crafts. She likes to cook, meaning that we can NEVER walk away from the stove while it's on or Brenna might decide to help stir. She has also decided that it is her responsibility to help Owen go to the bathroom. According to her Owen is completely incapable of taking his pants on and off or flushing and needs her help. Owen thinks it's hilarious and usually lets her help.
She has learned to make some incredibly amazing sounds. She can scream at a super high pitch one minute and then make very low "Golum" type sounds the next. She runs around the house saying "Precious, my precious!" in her Golum voice. Owen says she's creepy whenever she does it and I'm somewhat inclined to agree with him. I think this little girl will be keeping us on our toes for a long time.

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