Friday, March 7, 2014

Belated Birthday Present

Devon's birthday present from New Zealand arrived today! It takes a while to get packages all the way from New Zealand, so it's not really THAT late.
Devon was just telling me about these cookies (biscuits) last night, and then they showed up here today. They're really good, not too sweet like some U.S. cookies.
While I do believe that New Zealand has better candy than we have, some of the chips come in pretty unusual flavors for our American taste buds.
Do you remember those icky marshmallowish peanut shaped candies? Well these taste just like those except not stale and icky.
These are my favorite! Other than the kiwi chocolate bar that I didn't get pictures of. These little candies decided to burst their bags on the flight over. As soon as we picked up the bag, they fell all over the box. They're still good though.
And, of course, since the box came all the way from New Zealand, it included a jar of Marmite. Shall I admit here that most of us actually like Marmite?! If you've ever gagged on Vegemite, this isn't the same at all. It's closer to a beef bouillon cube, but not. I still can't quite imagine just eating globs of it on bread like peanut butter, but it's not as horrible as you might have heard.
Owen insisted that I take his picture too! It took me several tries to get a shot that didn't look like this.
But I finally got this one.

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