Sunday, March 2, 2014

Testing, Testing

I recently had the opportunity to TEST a new crochet diaper cover pattern. I love testing patterns. Partially because it is so much fun to see how they evolve over the testing period and partially because I like getting to be among the first to try out a new pattern.
I've used cloth diapers with all of the kids. With the first three I had heard about wool covers, but they were a little out of our price range, especially considering the fact that I didn't know if I'd like them. When I was pregnant with Duncan, I really wanted to try wool, so I started making my own out of recycled wool sweaters and wool fabric. I fell in love with hand knit soakers, but I didn't know how to knit then and I had never seen any crocheted ones. I discovered a couple of crochet patterns when Morgan was a baby and have been crocheting my own ever since then. I also learned to knit around the same time and so I make knitted ones too.
I actually like crocheted covers better than knitted ones for overnight use. It looks like they have more holes in them, but the fabric is thicker than knit, so they are actually more water resistant.
This particular pattern has several features I really like. Laura used a simple technique that makes switching from the waistband to the main body of the cover easier than other patterns I've tried. The method for adding extra diaper room to the back is really easy too. I chose to make a large cover even though Brenna measured up as a medium, so it is too big for her right now. I'm hoping it will fit this Summer. I love little soakers under dresses! I will be trying a medium size for her soon, but I have a few other projects to finish first. I would definitely recommend this pattern, even for a beginner.

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