Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brenna's in the Dog House! (and Neurology Update)

Cute kitten pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with this post.
 Brenna is 18 months old now. She has a new favorite game. It's called poking people in the face. You know, the game where toddlers say "nose" and then poke you in the nose, "eyes" and poke you in the eye.
 Yesterday, we were getting ready to head to Seattle for Owen's neurology follow up. Taking Owen to Seattle requires a lot of packing. I have to take Brenna's diaper bag, Owen's emergency bag,  enough Keto food and drink for the whole day (every meal we won't be home for plus 1 or 2 extras), Owen's medication and supplements for 2 days just in case, our hospital notebook, and extras like jackets and car toys. Just as I was getting out of bed to start on all of the packing as well as normal morning stuff, Brenna decided to play Poke Mommy in the Eye. Only as she was reaching in for the poke, she fell. And landed HARD on my eye, with her finger out. Then to add insult to injury, while I was crying and holding my injured eye, she took the opportunity to break my glasses! I looked at my eye and it was red and swollen, so I put an ice pack on it and proceeded to get ready to go. Luckily we had already planned for Rod to come, so he could drive, because I knew there was no way I could wear my contacts.
 The drive to Seattle took almost the whole 3 hours we had allotted due to traffic and newly potty trained Owen bathroom stops. By the time we got to the neurologist's office my ice pack wasn't really cold anymore and my eye was killing! We went up to Owen's appointment where we decided to leave everything the same for now and see if we can go without any seizures for at least 3-6 months. If we have another seizure that doesn't seem to be directly related to a diet mistake (as the latest ones have been) we'll call the office and probably switch to a 3.5:1 ratio. Right now we are just trying to not make any mistakes so we can decide whether the seizures are from that or if we're just still having seizures on the diet.
 The neurologist asked me what was wrong with my eye since it was still watering and incredibly painful if it opened at all. Once I told her she said I needed to get it checked out. I told her I'd already figured that out, I just didn't have time before Owen's appointment. We decided to go to the ER at Swedish instead of coming home first. 
 I have to tell you how much I love the Emergency Department at Swedish First Hill! I went in by myself while Rod and the kids found a parking spot. As soon as I walked in the door an employee came over to me and guided me (one eye swollen shut and the other with a single contact lens in) to the check in desk, then they helped me over to the seating area. By the time Rod and the kids got in, I'd already seen the nurse for vitals and to explain what had happened. Then I had a little bit of a wait before going back to see the doctor. The ER was packed and I was still done with everything in an hour and a half. Once the doctor came in he gave me some of the most wonderful eye drops in the world. In seconds all the pain was gone! Unfortunately they are highly toxic so they can only give two doses and they don't last very long. I spent about an hour pain free though! Then he looked at my eye and said he was pretty sure I had a corneal abrasion which is really painful, but heals in a couple of days. Just to make sure he put some dye in my eye and checked it again. "Wow" he said, "Your daughter must have really strong nails. There's a big chunk of your cornea missing." Then he asked me how I'd managed to wait so long to get it checked out.
 Then I did most of my waiting while the pharmacy got my prescription for antibiotic ointment and my tetanus shot ready. Once those arrived I got my shot and an eye treatment and left. By the time I got to the ER lobby the wonderful eye drops had worn off, so I suffered through most of the ride home. I pretty much went straight to bed and slept as well as Brenna and Owen let me.
 It's feeling much better today although my eye is really swollen. I'm not sure if it's from the trauma or if I'm having a reaction to the eye ointment. Now I just need to get in and see if the optician can bend my glasses back enough to wear since trying to see with one contact isn't working very well. I can't wear my other lens until my eye has been pain free for 24-48 hours. Unfortunately I can't drive and Rod really needs to get to work today and Devon has midterms this week. I figure I'll have functional glasses about the time I can wear my contacts again!

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