Saturday, November 23, 2013

What's Owen Eating? {Ketogenic Diet}

 Today we made 14 pancakes , 5 trail mixes (just M&M's and macadamia nuts, this is Owen's favorite to-go meal right now), 6 batches of Breakfast Cookies( adapted from The Keto Cookbook), 7 cheese sandwiches (adapted from THIS recipe), and 7 strawberry yogurts (adapted from HERE).  I was planning on making pizzas, but I didn't realize that I'm out of the right kind of tomato sauce until Rod was home from the store and I didn't feel like trying to adapt the recipe to what we do have. I'll probably make those tomorrow after I run to the store again for the right type of sauce. I'm also planning something special for Thanksgiving, probably chocolate cake or pumpkin cheesecake. I keep thinking I should make him the cheesecake since it is closest to something we'll be eating, but he probably will like chocolate cake better. So, I plan to make that tomorrow too once I decide which one to make.
 Last weekend, Rod and I used a restaurant gift certificate we were given to go out on a date. After dinner we went to a nearby store to plan for some Christmas gift shopping and I found the cutest little silicone gingerbread mold. I just had to get it for Owen! So, I brought it home and excitedly showed it to Owen and asked if he wanted me to make him some gingerbread men (actually cinnamon, not ginger flavored although I plan to adapt that recipe soon too). He told me he didn't want gingerbread men and insisted on square cookies like usual. I figured I'd just use the mold for the other kids since they all liked it too.
 Fast forward a few days, and Owen started asking me for his gingerbread men. He was quite upset that I hadn't made him any just, you know, because he TOLD me not too. I was ticked off enough that I didn't rush to make him any during the week. I did make them this weekend since I was planning cookies anyway and he was thrilled!
  I tried to get a picture of Owen licking his plate, but they all turned out blurry since he moves so fast. We have instituted a plate licking policy that will remain in effect until Owen finishes the diet. Owen must lick his plate (he prefers licking the plate directly to scraping it with a spatula and licking that) and everyone else is allowed to if they wish.

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