Monday, November 25, 2013

Finished Projects!

 I planned to have THIS sweater finished by the end of the weekend, but I didn't quite make it. I wove the last end in about 12:15 this morning! I still need to find buttons, but that wasn't part of my plan since I was pretty sure I didn't have 6 of the right buttons in my button box and I was right. I'll look for buttons tomorrow while I'm in town. Brenna has already worn the sweater for several hours today despite it's unbuttoned, unwashed, and unblocked state. I think she likes it!
 The other project that got finished this weekend was Connor's. He put his new Lego set together (with a little "help" from Brenna).
 I don't remember Legos being quite this detailed when I was a kid. This was over 1100 pieces! Connor has such amazing patience for projects like this. 

 I'm trying to decide which project to work on next, I get a little overwhelmed sometimes and then start a whole bunch of things all at once and don't end up finishing them until I force myself to choose just one. I think I'll start on Brenna's doll until I get to the part where I need the sewing machine, then I'll take a break and finish Devon's friend's dress. Then I'll go back to the doll.
 I do this with other things too. Right now I'm actually reading four books which is a little excessive even for me. I usually have 2 or 3 going at the same time, but 4 is too many. I need to choose just one for a while until I finish it. I guess this is my way of dealing with holiday craziness, get totally frazzled and try to do everything at once only to end up finishing nothing!

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