Thursday, November 21, 2013

Heard at My House

Driving down the highway at 50mph

Owen: I think there is something in my nose"

Mommy: "WHAT?"

Owen: "There is something up my nose!"

Mommy: Frantically looking for a place to pull over, " WHAT is in your nose? Did you PUT something up your nose?"

Owen: "Nevermind, It's just a booger!"

Owen: "What time is it?"

Mommy: "It's  4:06"

Owen: Two minutes later, "You said the wrong thing!"

Mommy: " What do you mean?"

Owen: " The clock says 4:08. You said 4:06. You told me the wrong thing!"

Mommy: " Time changes Owen. It was 4:06 when you asked me, now it's 4:08 and in a few more seconds it will be 4:09. That's just how time works, I didn't lie to you."

Owen: "You didn't? I didn't know that!"

Morgan: " Brenna, are you pretty?"

Brenna: Shakes head no.

Morgan: " Then what are you?"

Brenna: "Stinky!"

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