Saturday, November 16, 2013

Lewis and Clark Caverns

August 2011
Way back HERE I mentioned that we had been underground a mile above sea level. I was recently going through pictures and found the ones from that trip. So, since my camera is broken and I can't take new pictures, I thought I'd share some from our trip to Lewis and Clark Caverns. This was actually just a branch off of our trip to Yellowstone National Park. We allowed ourselves plenty of time to get to Yellowstone so that we could make as many stops as the kids needed (Owen was still tube fed at the time ) and maybe do some other fun stuff on the way.  It turned out that we made better time than expected, so we took a side trip to Lewis and Clark Caverns.
 The caverns were amazing! The kids managed to embarrass me though. During one part of the tour, our guide turned out all of the lights and was planning on lighting an old fashioned lantern to show us how it would have looked when the caverns had been discovered. She pulled our kids aside ahead of time and asked them to stand very still so that their light up shoes wouldn't go off. Then, she turned out the lights and Duncan and Morgan both jumped up in the air and landed hard at the same time. In the pitch black caverns, their shoes looked like Christmas! They were SO bright! I was mortified. The guide decided that they need to make light up shoes mandatory for all the tour guides though. She also told us that for an extra five dollars, she could make little kids disappear in the caverns. Devon was going to take her up on the offer. Later she decided it was a rip off, after learning that for only $2 she could send them into a bear pen, but you'll have to wait for those pictures! Here's some more from the caverns.

Our tour guide
 I'm so glad we took this trip! Just a couple of months after we got home, Owen had his two hour and forty minute seizure. We haven't been in a position since that time where it would be safe to take Owen on a trip like this. He can't be that far out of emergency range. We need to be within a few minutes of an ambulance and less than 1/2 hour from a hospital at all times now.

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