Sunday, November 10, 2013

Yarn Club

So, I used to subscribe to a yarn club. I would get beautiful yarn in the mail every month. It made me very happy. Every once in a while, I would stop my membership for awhile to catch up on knitting and let my bank account recover, but then I would subscribe again.

Then the yarn club I was in closed down. I figured I didn't really need to be spending that money anyway, so I didn't look for a new club.

This skein is going to be a hat for Morgan.
The last few months have been kind of hard though. Owen is making a lot of improvement on the Ketogenic diet, but it has been a lot of work for me. It's also a lot harder to get out of the house since so much time is taken up with preparing his meals. We also have to take a lot of stuff with us whenever we leave the house (I don't leave Owen because of the severity of his seizures and the intensity of the diet), so I don't get out much anymore. Last month, Rod and I decided that yarn club needed to be added back in to our budget for my sanity.

I joined the club at Smitten Yarns. This month I got this lovely skein in the mail! Morgan immediately claimed it and since I haven't made anything for her lately, I agreed. I just need to finish Brenna's sweater and decide what pattern to use, then I'll start on her hat.

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