Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Poop is Not a Color! (Updates)

 I can SEE! The optician was able to put my mangled glasses together enough to last me a few days until I can wear my contacts again. Then I need to stop putting off my eye exam so I have a current prescription and can get new glasses. I've been putting it off until the house stuff is settled, except the house stuff still isn't settled. We still have a block out scheduled for the end of this month and I haven't heard anything else about our case. Everyone seems to think we won't have trouble getting another extension. Hopefully they're right!

 Devon has midterms this week. So far she has 2 A's and 1 B (the B is in the class where they choose their own grades. Devon chose to try for a B since she had no idea how she'd do in her first classes) we are expecting that will still be the case after midterms. Cameron is doing great with his reading. He's improved so much the last few months. Connor is still doing great as always. The little kids haven't had much school the last few days since they rely so much on me and I haven't been able to see well enough to help them.
 Owen has been into color mixing lately. He keeps asking us how to make different colors.
"How do you make turquoise?"
"What color does blue and maroon make?"
Cameron asked him how to make blue the other day and Owen answered, " I don't make blue. It's a primary color, only God can make it."
When Devon took him to the bathroom the other day, she asked him how poop was made and he told her, "It's not a color, Devon!"

 Brenna is going through a rebellious stage. Today I asked her if she wanted her lunch and she nodded her head and said "NO". So I asked her if she had a philosophical objection to the word yes and she nodded again. She also absolutely refuses to say please. I'm trying to teach her the sign for it, but she won't do that either. She was such a sweet easy baby, but she seems to be hitting toddlerhood with a vengeance! The teen years could be interesting with this one!

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