Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Doesn't this kitten have the cutest little face?
Devon has a new scarf.  It's  a very warm scarf and it has the added benefit of having a purr.

 We got some of Owen's test results back. His Vitamin D and Carnitine levels are still low, so we are increasing both of those supplements. Hopefully this will control the bruising. His bruises have gotten a little better since we started the Carnitor, but they are still not "normal".

 Potty training is going GREAT! I really didn't think Owen would be out of diapers as long as he was still on all of the medication. Instead it took less than 3 weeks for me to basically consider him trained. He tells us when he needs to go (doesn't just go on his own yet) and he's even been dry at night for over a week now! I'm a little worried about the drive to Seattle on Monday. There are a few places where pulling over to use the potty would be difficult, but he'll probably do just fine.
 We see the neurologist on Monday. Hopefully they'll have the rest of his test results ready then. I can't wait to tell her how well Owen is doing on the diet! He can do puzzles again. Before we started the diet he couldn't put puzzles together. He could tell me where the pieces went, he just didn't have the coordination to actually do them himself. He can string beads. He can say all of his numbers and letters again (He was doing this before the bad seizure last Summer.) He's even able to draw circles and animals. Pre-diet his drawings were just scribbles. He would get so frustrated because he couldn't make what he wanted that he didn't want to color at all.
 He's been doing a great job with compliance too. Today he brought me a carrot stick he found on the ground and told me how he didn't eat it and was bringing it to me so he wouldn't. He also reminds me to use the right soap on him (Owen seems to be especially sensitive to topical carbs!).
 Sometimes I get a little bit frustrated since the diet is so hard and we've still had seizures. I have to stop and remind myself how much it's helped him in other areas. I think if we can do a better job making sure he isn't exposed to topical carbs we really might get total seizure control. All of the recent seizures have been when we've messed up something or when we've made changes in the diet. I think we've found the right ratio and calorie counts for Owen right now, so we just need to be more careful about topical items.
 I was asked to do some more post about Owen's favorite meals, so I'm planning to do that as soon as I get some more pictures. I also plan to do a post about our hospital admission last year, I just can't find the pictures from that hospital stay, but I'll do something about it soon.

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