Friday, June 21, 2013

Away We Go- Camping With Scouts

 I love camping. I don't really love getting 9 people packed and ready to go camping. We have a lot of stuff to bring. It seems to me that we should be able to pare down a bit, but nothing seems to make the cut. So, away we go 3 tents ( the boys sleep with scout tent partners and somehow both of ours had to bring tents, then one for the rest of the family), 12 sleeping bags (not everyone is potty trained, especially not while camping and Mom hates spending hours at the laundry mat during a weekend camping trip. During a longer camping trip sometimes Mom looks at the laundry mat as quiet time), 11 bags (one per person plus one for diapers and one for bathroom stuff), 2 coolers, several bags of food, and countless miscellaneous extras (folding chairs, baby back pack, air mattresses, lantern, camp stove, water jug, etc.). No partridge in a pear tree, although I did pack our camp kitchen sink. Since pictures of our gear aren't all that exciting, here's a few from past trips.

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