Monday, June 17, 2013

Brenna Bite

 Today was both Father's day AND Rod's Birthday, but we were busy and I'm tired, so more on that tomorrow.
 We did make Daddy a nice big breakfast this morning with Pancakes, eggs, and homegrown bacon.  Pancakes are usually round (sometimes we make fun shapes), but the easiest way to cut them up is in a grid pattern. I'm sure anyone who has ever cut up pancakes for a small child knows what I'm talking about. Due to Owen's eating issues and his shakiness from all the medications he's on we still feed him most things that aren't finger food. He has so much trouble keeping food on his spoon or fork that he becomes frustrated and will stop eating before he's done. We also still feed Brenna excessively messy things that I don't feel like cleaning up after. Because I'm a lazy Mom, I often feed them off of the same plate. I'm trying to break myself of that habit, since we won't be able to do that once Owen starts the Ketogenic diet. So I was feeding Owen his pancake and I got to one of the little pieces at the corner. I brought it toward Owen's mouth and he protested loudly " That's a Brenna bite! Brenna is small. I'm big. I get big bites, Brenna gets small bites." He was quite adamant that that little corner piece was NOT his bite. I guess I'm going to have to learn a new way to cut his pancakes up.
 Brenna ,on the other hand, will happily eat anything I put in front of her! She doesn't care how big the piece is, she'll eat it. If you have never had a child who couldn't eat you may not be able to understand how amazing it is to watch a baby eat. I still can't believe how easy it is to feed her. I give her food and she puts it in her mouth, chews, and swallows. All three parts of the eating process and breathing too. Owen couldn't eat ANYTHING until he was over a year old. Even now it is a constant daily struggle to get him to take in enough calories. I have always said that I'm not a short order cook. I don't take special orders. Any child who chooses not to eat can wait until the next meal. None of that applies to Owen. One of the "problems" with following the Ketogenic diet is having to make special meals for the child. We already do that all the time with Owen. I hope it will make the diet easier for us to follow.
 In the meantime, I'm having a blast watching Brenna eat!

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