Thursday, June 13, 2013

Busy, Busy, Birthday!

 Yesterday was my 42nd birthday. Forty two is a very significant number and thanks to this book, one of my favorites. I was presented with these wonderful gifts first thing in the morning. The books are Japanese pattern books. I am so in love with these books, I just need to carve a little more sewing time into my schedule now.
Yesterday was also the day of Owen's swallow study. I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was about this. Swallow studies have not been good experiences for us. The first one we had,  I was YELLED at by the therapist. Owen aspirated so badly that she screamed at me to stop feeding him. We had been trying to get his NG tube replaced with a G-tube and everyone kept saying to wait. After that swallow study, they wanted to put in a J-tube instead. Anyway, long story, but it was a mess. The second went all right except that I thought Owen would do better and he was only cleared to start limited (less than an ounce a day) trials of chilled purees, he aspirated everything else. The third attempt never really happened, as Owen simply refused to cooperate, very vocally. Yesterday, however, went perfectly! Owen not only sat nicely in the chair, he ate everything I gave him and sat still enough to get good photos. The very best part was that they saw NO aspiration at all! I also found out that they put all kids through the swallow study before starting the Ketogenic Diet now, it wasn't just because of Owen's prior feeding issues. See, I have a confession to make. I tube weaned my son without a clear swallow study. It was approved by his doctor and feeding therapist (because of Owen's refusal to cooperate), but it's not normally "allowed". I should be used to being a rule breaker by now, but it is much easier when the rule breaking is proven to be the right thing.

 I can't say how glad I am that we have switched to Swedish Hospital for Owen's care. This procedure was so much easier on all of us. The staff was so good about making Owen feel comfortable and calming my fears. They even had a separate family waiting room with a wii  where the kids could run around without Rod and I being stressed about them disturbing others.

 Next on the agenda was picking up food (and Frostys, in lieu of birthday cake) and letting the kids run off some pent up energy at the park.
 The last item on the agenda before heading home (and the reason we brought Morgan and Duncan along) was a special advance showing of Monsters University in 3D thanks to Starlight Children's Foundation.
 I have to say that I'm not really into sequels, but this movie was really cute! I'm also going to admit that it is awfully fun to be "on the list" and receive preferential treatment. We had reserved seating just behind the press seats. Owen behaved beautifully during the movie. He was absolutely captivated, even though he only wore the 3D glasses for the first half. Morgan and Duncan also enjoyed it. No one asked to leave to use the bathrooms! Not even once! Brenna was pretty happy during the first half of the movie and had a lot of fun popping up through the seats and making "monster" noises at our neighbors to the front and back. She lost it before the movie was over though. Luckily she was content to stand in the entrance/exit hall, so I still could hear and see most of the end. It was so nice to have this to look forward to all day. Spending my birthday at the hospital was not exactly on my "favorite things to do" list, but seeing a movie with my family sure was. Thanks again Starlight!


  1. So glad your birthday ended right, and that Owens swallow study went well!

  2. Thanks Tammy! I am sooo relieved about the swallow study. I can't believe how worried I was about it.

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