Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday and Homestead Happenings

 Ten years ago today, my nephew Braeden was born on my Mother's birthday. Happy birthday Mom and Braeden!

 The seeds Morgan and I planted here are coming up. I forgot to mark the rows, but I think the bok choy is coming up and I  know the peas are.
We've been staking the goats out to mow the field for a few hours each day. Look at how much mohair Chico is growing already!
 Lafayette is my favorite rooster. He is so nice and so good to his ladies. Lafayette decided he didn't want to share the coop with the other roosters, so he and several hens moved into the goat pen. Attempts to move them back to the regular coop have failed and now we just refer to this group as the goat chickens.

 We have peaches, cherries and pears forming. It's really hard to wait for them to ripen. We took out the old apple trees last spring because they were disease ridden and falling down, so it will be a few years before our new trees produce. I'm hoping we'll have some plums this year, but we had to massively butcher all but one of the plum trees due to a highly contagious blight.
 The raspberries and strawberries are doing well. We've already been enjoying the first of the strawberry harvest. A couple of the blueberry plants are doing good too, the others might have to be moved because the ground is too wet where we put them. 
 I didn't expect to see my Egyptian Walking Onions quite so dressed up. I think they are pretty enough without the bracelet, but apparently Morgan thought they needed a little bling.
 I just can't wait until all of this is ready to eat.

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