Sunday, June 30, 2013


 Strawberry season is almost over so we decided we'd better get some while we still can. Rod and the 3 older boys picked about 4 flats worth before deciding that 95 degree weather was too hot to pick more. We also decided it was too hot to process in the house and set up tables outside in the shade near the sprinkler.

 Bitty Brenna helped eat a rather amazing amount of berries. I still can't believe how much this kid eats! I guess after Owen not being able to eat at all at this age, I'm out of practice feeding a toddler.

 Owen decided it was too hot for clothes and ditched them while running through the sprinkler. Our house is set back from the road and we have a double line of trees in the front and all the neighbors are at least an acre away, so we just let him run around naked. Ninety five degrees is about as hot as it gets here, so we aren't acclimated to the temperature.
 Poor Brenna fell on her face after eating a bunch of strawberries. Her face isn't really bloody it's just berry juice.
 Morgan helped us out by moving the sprinkler around to different parts of the yard while running through it.

 Devon is excited about the end of strawberries. She's been working in one of the processing plants this summer and is getting rather sick of seeing strawberries coming down a conveyor belt at her. Now she gets to do raspberries! She was still able to tolerate eating strawberry shortcake for dessert though.
 These strawberries either were frozen whole or sliced and sugared for future strawberry shortcake or waffles! I decided it was too hot to make jam. Maybe another day soon.

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