Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leavenworth 2013

 Saturday we (minus Cameron who went on the scout hike) along with Kalina and Tilly headed into Leavenworth. I'm not usually into tourist trap towns, but I love Leavenworth! They have the best gingerbread and our all time favorite store Kris Kringl.
 One of our family Christmas traditions is to get each child their own ornament. We keep them in separate boxes for each child so that when they move into their own homes they will have enough to decorate their first trees. A good portion of our ornaments have come from this store.
 Owen quickly chose a blue blown glass bird and then was removed from the store due to an inability to act safely around breakable objects.
 Brenna enjoyed eating the heads ( and only the heads) off of the mini gingerbread men and women. We also bought a little over a pound of saltwater taffy intending to share it, but Devon, Kalina, and Tilly ate all but about 20 pieces.
 We only had one minor catastrophe. It was all Rod's fault. As we got in the car, Rod saw gum stuck on a cup Morgan had.  He told her to get the gum off the cup and put it in the garbage. Only by the time we got to the garbage she had already found a different place to put it! I was able to get some of it out while we were in town and most of the rest came out with the help of some butter back at camp. Only a small chunk had to be cut out.
 We let Morgan, Owen, and Duncan have some time in the bounce house. Brenna wanted to play too, but a few other kids were being rougher than I thought she could handle.
While they were in the bounce house Kalina took a trip up the rock wall.
  I have been promising Kalina that I would teach her how to sew this summer. I asked her to decide what she wants to learn to make and that I would then pick out a simple pattern for her to learn on. She decided that she wants to make a Traditional Bavarian Folk Dress. She fell in love with them while we were in Leavenworth. I had to think a minute before I could come up with a beginner version of that! I decided that we will make a peasant top, a full skirt, and an apron and then I'll see if she's up to attempting a bodice or if I'll just make that for her.

 Devon, Connor, and Tilly walked around the main square taking pictures. I love watching Tilly take pictures! She's so serious about getting the right angles, her pictures turn out great!

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