Saturday, June 1, 2013

Brownie Pops and Medical Updates

When we went shopping Thursday, Morgan wanted something special. Devon wanted a cake pop pan (We were at a  kitchen supply store buying a shower present). We compromised on a brownie pop kit.
Owen actually ate a brownie! He normally doesn't like sweets other than actual chocolate bars.
Brenna also ate a brownie, but that's no surprise since we haven't really found anything she won't eat.
 My Dad is home from the hospital. The surgery went well (3rd surgery of the year so far). We won't really know if it worked for a few days. The nerves in his back were pinched for so long that it might take a few days for him to feel some relief from the pain.

 In other news, my Stepdaughters have some tough medical issues to face on their Mom's side of the family. Prayers for them and their Brothers ( and the rest of the family) while they deal with this would be greatly appreciated.

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