Thursday, June 27, 2013

Food, Water, Toilet Paper!

 I have a confession to make. I keep toilet paper in my van. All the time, not just when I'm camping. I also keep water and some sort of food, but those get used up (and sometimes not replaced right away) much more often than the toilet paper. See, I have 7 kids and often we have friends or cousins along too. We live in a very rural area about 30 minutes from an actual town with stop lights and such. We also travel several hours away to big city hospitals frequently.
  Accidents happen, to us especially. Most of the time accidents end up involving toilet paper (or baby wipes, also kept in the van). Sunday, we ended up stuck on the mountain for almost 3 hours before we were rescued. This barricade was the only "private" spot in which to use toilet paper. So, yes I sent several children over the barricade next to the cliff ( there was actually about 10 feet before the drop off) for "privacy". If you are ever in a similar situation, may I suggest you only bring boys? It's much easier that way. Don't worry, unlike other travelers who must have had similar problems we did not just leave our toilet paper on the other side of the barricade( Seriously ! Everywhere!). Devon and Kalina were making so many jokes about it that I promised to embarrass them forever by writing this post.

Luckily they are good sports!

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