Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary and Ketogenic Updates

 One year ago today we welcomed a new son into our family. Not by birth this time, but by marriage! Happy Anniversary Kristi and Simon. My picture files are all screwed up and I can't seem to find the wedding pictures, so sorry! I was only a month postpartum with Brenna at the wedding, so I hope I can be forgiven for my messy filing.

 In other news, I received our pre-procedure call for Owen's swallow study on the 12th and they want to test him using Keto approved foods. That threw a monkey wrench in my plans. We have to have a variety of textures and I have to have items Owen will eat under stress. He already likes a few things that he could have on the diet like bacon and black olives. We have tried a few recipes, but I thought I would have until the end of July to get him to eat more things. So, now I have to come up with a variety of different textures in Keto approved food that Owen will actually eat in less than a week.  Oh, and they have to be travel friendly since the swallow study is in Seattle.

 It took me TWO hours today to make three recipes off of the Charlie Foundation website. One of them was actually a multi serving recipe, but the other two were just single servings. TWO HOURS! I know the time will go down a bit once I get used to making them and learn some shortcuts. It only took me 1/2 an hour to make a weeks worth of yogurt last time, but this is going to be quite a time sucker.
 I made the almond cracker recipe since it should travel well, the chocolate cereal recipe minus the chocolate, and the oopsie rolls. I don't have a picture of the oopsie rolls because they don't look very pretty. I need a little practice before they will be nice and round like the Charlie Foundation picture. The good news is that Owen actually ate both the crackers and the cereal! We haven't tried the rolls yet since they just came out of the oven. We'll save those for tomorrow.

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