Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Brenna's New Longies and Owen's Old Ones

 I finished Brenna's new longies a few days ago. I put them on her before washing so I could get some pictures right away. Then, before I could get pictures, Brenna and Owen spilled cereal on them and I had to wash them anyway. They were finally dry today and I got pictures as soon as I got them on her.
 I loved the ruffle on the bloomers I made so much that I used it on  these. My kids tend to grow up not out at this age, so the ruffle will make them still look cute even when they are capri length.

 I think Owen will be the recipient of the next pair of longies I make. This pair had been repaired MANY times, including taking apart the bottom and adding a few new rows. the other day we went on a hike with some friends and Owen fell on the trail and completely ripped the whole knee apart. He wants me to fix them, but I don't think it's worth it anymore.
  What do you think? I could find myself getting upset that all my hard work looks like this now, but this pair of pants has been worn CONSTANTLY for over 2 years. Owen hates to wear anything but hand knit pants. Whenever I make him a new pair he hugs his legs for days and tells everyone how much he loves his mommy made pants. I think I'll keep knitting for him!

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