Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Brenna's Hat - Take II

 We are going camping up in the mountains this weekend. It gets pretty cold at night, so I decided that my little bald baby needed a new hat. I pulled out this gorgeous skein of merino that Brenna made me buy at one of our local yarn shops. Yes, Brenna made me buy yarn. She loves nice yarn and when she saw this skein she grabbed it and slobbered all over it (she was teething at the time), so I had to buy it . I couldn't put back a skein of slobbered on yarn. I knit THIS really cute hat for her and it was too small. So, I ripped it out and made it all over again with needles two sizes bigger. Unfortunately, my model would not take a nap today and was therefore in an extremely uncooperative mood.
She really does like the hat. Despite what it looks like in these pictures. She's been carrying it around all day trying to put it back on. She just really didn't want her picture taken.

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