Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sewing for Me

 I told Morgan that the next thing I sewed would be for her, but as I was packing for our camping trip, I realized that I needed something warm to sleep in. All of my Flannel P.J. pants were in tatters, so I cut up my favorite pair to use as a pattern and made myself two new pair.
 I actually bought the fabric for these over a year and a half ago because my old ones were getting bad then. I just haven't had very much time to sew and my stuff usually comes last on the list. These actually only take a few hours to make, so I don't know why it took quite so long to get around to it.
 You may be wondering why I don't just buy some. When you sew you can always have exactly what you want. When you buy things you are stuck with what is currently popular. That means that I haven't been able to find flannel pants in the stores that fit the way I like. Actually it's been almost impossible to find flannel ones at all. I was able to get a couple pairs of thin cotton ones, but no flannel. The ones I did find were too low rise. I wear flannel P.J.'s for warmth, not fashion, so I want them to cover everything properly. I usually go shop for a while, then just give up and go to the fabric store. That's why it's so nice to be able to sew.

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