Friday, June 14, 2013

No Rest for the Wicked

 You might think that after this busy day we would have taken a day off to recover, but you would be wrong. Yesterday, started with a house appraisal which actually went better than I expected. Last July we started the process of re-financing our house since interest rates had gone down in the three (then, 4 now) years since we had bought the house. The appraiser we had at that time wasn't the most personable to put things nicely. We didn't hear back from the bank for a long time and after bugging them several times we learned that we didn't actually seem to have legal access to our property. We filed a claim with our title company and have been waiting for them to either get legal access or pay us a settlement to be able to move. Hopefully this appraisal means that things will be wrapping up in the next few months as having the house stuff up in the air at the same time we are dealing with all of Owen's issues is a little more stress than we would like.
(These pictures are from our hike Monday with our friends from the Baker's Dozen, so if you want to see good pictures go over there.)

 The afternoon was taken up with Cameron's reading tutoring, Connor's work at Grandpa's office, and Devon's orientation for her first "real" (definition of real: not babysitting or a family member) job. We also stopped by the pharmacy and picked up a few birthday presents since birthday season isn't quite over yet.
 Owen was up all night coughing, fairly typical for him after a visit to the hospital. It seems like he gets sick within days after every visit. No fever this time just coughing so, hopefully this will blow over quickly.
  Today we did pretty much nothing and that is the plan for tomorrow too. Sunday is busy again with Rod's birthday falling on Father's Day this year. Next week we will be prepping for Connor and Cameron's scout troop river rafting trip. This year we are all going for the camping portion. Rafting is only open to ages 10 and up so just Devon, Connor, and Cameron will get to do that.

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