Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ride the Ducks- Starlight Children's Foundation

Today we got to Ride the Ducks with Starlight Children's Foundation. Starlight has been such a huge blessing to our family! Having a child with serious medical issues is extremely stressful on everyone in the family. Starlight's great escapes program offers fun activities several times a year. Riding the Ducks is something our family has always wanted to do and getting to go with starlight made it even better.
Our friends over at the Baker's Dozen went too, although they rode a different duck.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of Owen's face when the truck hit the water! Unfortunately, I'm not quite that fast.

Have you ever been in a truck, in the middle of a lake, on an international airstrip? We have. (we've also been a mile above sea level underground, but that was a different trip)
I think you have to be at least the seventh child to sleep through all that music and quacking. Brenna can sleep through anything.
If you are ever in the Seattle area with a few hours to spare, I highly suggest you Ride the Ducks.


  1. These are such great photos! And it makes me think of one of my favorite books: MAKE WAY FOR DUCKLINGS--and the Swan boats on the Boston common

    1. Thank you for the reminder! I haven't read Make Way for Ducklings to the kids in a while. I really loved how this trip fit so nicely into our homeschooling. The kids are much more interested in WWII now that they've ridden in one of the amphibious vehicles.