Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Boy and His Braid {Owen's Doll Update}

Owen has this thing about braids. I have very long, fine hair and it gets tangled incredibly easily. I braid it every night before bed to keep it from becoming a rats nest while I sleep. Owen decided a long time ago that my braid is his security object. He quite often gets upset with me because I don't wear my hair in a braid during the day (it doesn't stay, too fine and slippery). He also gets upset when my hair is wet as he doesn't like it that way and he has claimed my hair for his own usage, but mostly he wants my braid.
So anyway, I made Brenna THIS doll for Christmas. With long hair in a braid. I knew Brenna being such a girly girl would want a doll with hair. Being as little as she is though, I knew the hair would be a huge mess unless I braided it. Brenna loves her doll and everything should be all well and good in the world EXCEPT that I made Owen THIS doll. Without a braid. I don't have a problem with my girls playing with boy dolls and my boys playing with girl dolls, but I tend to make girl dolls for my girls and boy dolls for my boys unless they've requested otherwise. So, I made Owen a boy doll, with short hair. And that was a problem. Owen insisted that Brenna's doll was his, because it had a braid. Brenna also insisted that her doll was hers, because it is. So, tonight, I had to rectify my mistake and now Owen's doll also has a braid. He still insists it is a boy doll. It just needed long hair. Now everyone is happy and all is well in the world again.

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