Sunday, December 15, 2013

In Which I Actually Knit Something For Someone Other Than Brenna

 I was looking at my Ravelry Project page and realized that I have been knitting almost exclusively for Brenna. Since my May day resolution to post all of my completed projects on Ravelry, I have only finished one item that wasn't for Brenna and that was a longie doubler for Owen. Which doesn't really count being almost underwear and seeing as Owen potty trained right after I finished it, so it won't actually get used again until it fits Brenna.
 Morgan fell in love with my October yarn club selection from Smitten Yarns, so I decided to make her a hat out of it. I finally chose this pattern because of the wonderful cable band. It shows up better in person though. I thought about making it a Christmas present, but she'd already seen the yarn, So I decided to finish it in time for Morgans' birthday, Wednesday. I finished it up today, so I should have time to wash and block it AND have it dry in time.

 My next project to complete is Owen's doll. I've barely even started it, so finishing before Christmas is going to take every spare minute I have.

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