Monday, December 23, 2013

Owen's Doll {Christmas Update}

I Finished!! I got all of my original projects done in time for Christmas. I have a few late requests to work on, but they weren't in my original plans, so I count myself done!

Now, I just need to wrap everything and I can relax until Christmas.Wrap is actually a bit of a misnomer. Several years ago (about 12  I think), I read about how much wrapping paper ends up in the trash after Christmas. I've always been Eco-conscious, so it really bothered me. We don't get a lot of presents for each child, but times 7 (or 9) it still adds up. So, I started buying Christmas fabric on sale and made reusable wrapping bags.  We've actually branched out since then and now have bags for every season. Wrapping entails finding a bag about the right size, putting the present in and either pulling the drawstring closed or tying the bag shut. The first bags I made had actual casings with drawstrings threaded through, but the strings kept getting pulled out, so now I just sew a string into the seam and wrap it around the top and tie.  Santa still uses wrapping paper, but with the kids each getting one Santa present and a few stocking stuffers that doesn't make a lot of trash. Santa has a system for our family. Each of us has a stocking with our name embroidered on it. Santa (actually the elves) wraps each person's present in a different paper. We each go to our stocking and find what paper we have by what is wrapped in our stockings. Then, we just have to find our paper under the tree, saving the elves from labeling everything. I heard through the North Pole hotline that Santa hasn't had to use new paper for our family in at least three years.
Most of the baby dolls get diapers, but Owen's needed undies.
The next two days, I'm just planning on relaxing and enjoying my family!

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