Thursday, December 12, 2013

More Projects!

I realized that I forgot to post pictures of Brenna's sweater with the buttons on. She loves it so much she even insisted on wearing it to bed last night! Frog buttons weren't exactly what I was looking for, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. Either the buttons weren't the right color, or they weren't the right size, or even worse the store didn't have enough of them. Then I turned the corner and we saw the frog buttons. The little kids fell in love with them immediately. They didn't have enough of either color, but I think I like them better mixed up anyway.
 I also finished the little pink baby late last night (actually early this morning). I started it for Brenna last year, but never finished it. Brenna doesn't really need a teething baby anymore (she has another one), so I think this baby is going to go to a very special baby who is staying with some friends of ours right now.
Owen thought the baby needed a baby.
 Now, I just need to make Brenna's stocking, Owen's doll, and finish Morgan's hat before her birthday next week. And knit a pair of fingerless mitts, crochet a few dish scrubbies, and finish some of the things I'm making for Grandbaby-to-be. Think I'll get it all done?


  1. Brenna's sweater is very cute and I love the pink doll! It makes me wish I had a little baby again so I could make one. What yarns did you use? The baby's hat almost looks homespun.

  2. Thanks Martha! I'm getting a grandbaby in June, so I'll still have little ones to make dolls for for a long time. I used a hand dyed thick and thin yarn I got here for the baby's hat.