Saturday, December 14, 2013


 With a little "help" from Brenna and Owen, I've gotten a whole bunch of sewing finished this week. I still have one big project to finish before Christmas, but I'm feeling a bit more confident about actually finishing it. Then I just need to finish a few knitting/crocheting projects that I'm not nearly as confident about being able to complete. I did finish Brenna's stocking! It's not even really late since most of the other kids didn't get theirs in time for their first Christmas either.
  Devon has pretty much finished school for this quarter, she just has a class evaluation summary to turn in for her Communications class. Her last final was today, so we should have her final grades next week. She just started her Christmas break job as a substitute nanny for a friend who decided to spend Christmas break in New Zealand. Next quarter she begins her actual program classes and gets to take things like pastry basics and food safety instead of math and english.
 A certain someone who shall remain nameless, decided to decorate our hall bathroom today. Unfortunately, that means she will not be going to a movie with the big kids tomorrow.
 Owen gave us all a scare this week by spiking a fever of 104F. He's doing better now and we got through it without any seizures! Fever has been a huge seizure trigger for Owen in the past, so hopefully that's a good sign that the ketogenic diet is doing what it is supposed to do.
 I found Brenna on the couch like this after dinner. I guess she preferred chips to chicken!
 The older boys are finally over being sick, so we have plans to see the new Hobbit movie tomorrow. I think I get to take them this time, since I'm needing a break really bad after almost three weeks of sick children. The one thing I really don't like about having such a large family is how we can drag an illness out forever. I think it's a lot easier to have all the kids sick at once. At least until that actually happens, then I find myself wishing they'd take turns. I guess we just need to figure out how to not get sick at all. Although actually, with the exception of Owen who has spent most of his life in and out of hospitals and on drugs that weaken his immune system, we don't get sick that often. Maybe I just need to go to bed and stop complaining. At least it looks like we'll be better before Christmas.


  1. Have you read The Great Brain? When one the the kids would get sick, the mom would immediately put the rest of the kids in bed with the sick one so they all would get sick right away. I haven't done that yet, but I've been tempted!

    1. I don't think it works. I've had kids share water bottles and sleep together and still get sick a week apart. Some of my kids have stronger immune systems and have to be exposed several times before they catch anything. then I have Owen who gets everything first and last.

      How is that gorgeous baby of yours doing ?