Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sick Day and Snow Day!

 Yesterday afternoon, we had snow for about 30 minutes. The kids were so excited! We had to get coats and boots and gloves and hats and heavy socks and sweaters.  Then take it all off again less than half an hour later when the wind came in and blew the snow away. Then the wind picked up even more and the internet went out (no cyber Monday shopping after the kids went to bed for me), then the phone went out. Then the power flickered several times, but thankfully stayed on. The wind blew and blew. The phone finally started working just before bedtime, but the internet remained offline until this afternoon.
 The 5 youngest kids are sick. Duncan, Cameron, and Connor stayed over at my nephew's house after Thanksgiving and came home coughing. Connor seems to be better today but everyone younger than him is running a fever. So, all of the kids have temperatures between 99 and 100.5F, except for Owen who woke up with a fever of 102F. Fever has been a seizure trigger for Owen in the past, so he has a 99.5 threshold set for him by the neurologist. That means we treat any fever over 99.5 and go to the hospital if it doesn't come down below that in a reasonable amount of time. So, this morning, Rod went to give him some ibuprofen. Children's ibuprofen. The sugary stuff that kids love to have. The stuff he CAN NOT have on the keto diet. I realized what he was doing in time to stop him so Owen didn't get the "wrong" medicine. These are the things that are so hard about the keto diet. It has been so important for us to treat fevers immediately the last two years that we panic when he runs one. This leads to things like giving him the wrong medicine when we're half asleep (no one slept well last night with all the coughing). Poor Rod feels horrible (and here I am telling everyone on the internet), but it's just so easy to do. It's like using the wrong soap, you just don't think about everything all the time. Instead of childrens' liquid medication that tastes good, Owen gets part of a crushed adult tablet mixed into something or a suppository. We let him choose and so far, not surprisingly, he has always chosen to eat the nasty tasting stuff.  The good news is that his fever is down and he didn't get the medication that would bring him out of ketosis. Hopefully the illness will blow over quickly!

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