Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Brenna's Doll

 I finished Brenna's Christmas present tonight! I made the first one of these dolls for Devon's first Christmas. I loved it so much that I managed to finish two more for Kristi and Cassi. All the kids since then (yes, even the boys) have gotten these dolls for their first or second Christmases. Then Owen was born and I got way behind on all of my projects. Owen still doesn't have his doll. I'm hoping to finish his by Christmas this year too.
 I really love the look of Waldorf style dolls. They are really expensive though, so that's why I started making my own. My favorite pattern is THIS one. I've tried other styles, but this is the one I keep coming back too. It just turns out so nice all the time. The dress, pinafore, and pantaloons are from the bottom pattern on THIS page. It's hard to believe that I've been making these little dolls for 16 years!
Baby needs a nightgown too.
 Brenna is really in to baby dolls right now. She said that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was a doll, and chocolate (she is my child after all). I love it when my kids play with toys I've made myself. Somehow it's just more satisfying than buying them something.
 Now, I just have to keep it hidden until Christmas!


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    1. Brenna actually already loves her too. She saw the picture on my blog and came running over saying "Pretty, pretty!".