Saturday, December 21, 2013

Santa Picture!

This holiday season keeps going on and on, kind of like the Energizer Bunny. Today, the boys and Rod passed out Christmas Tree Pick up flyers for Boy Scouts. We finally decorated the cookies we made a few days ago (yes, I forgot to take pictures again). While I was finishing up Owen's Keto meals for the upcoming week, Rod took the kids to see Santa. Then, they came home and wrapped up presents for our Christmas celebration with my family tomorrow. We're meeting at my Dad and Sister's house to do presents with my side of the family just after lunch tomorrow, then Monday, Dad has his fifth surgery of the year. Right about now, I'm just wishing the whole Christmas mess was over. I think I'm asking Santa for a whole night's sleep!
Owen doesn't really get the idea of a pre-Christmas Santa visit. The Santa display had wrapped presents all around it and he was extremely disappointed that he didn't get his present right then and there. He keeps asking me where his present is and when do we finally get to open it. Now, I just hope Santa actually brings what he asked for.
I's been raining off and on for over 24 hours now, but we still have snow. Morgan managed to make this little snowman today. She decorated his face after she borrowed the camera to take his picture.
 I just need to sew limbs on Owen's doll and finish the clothes and I'll finally have everything finished that I started out planning to make. I had a few last minutes requests that are going to have to wait for New Year's or maybe even Valentine's Day though.

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