Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Party!

We had four generations of my family together yesterday for a Christmas Party.
My mom has a Christmas tradition of making pajamas for all of the Grandkids each year. These PJ's get worn until they are in shreds. I've had to sneak too small ones out of the kid's drawers while they were sleeping because they refuse to give them up.
 Owen was a little disappointed that he didn't get his Santa present, but wanted to wear his pajamas as soon as we got home.
 Devon took these pictures as proof that it was Aunt Tammy who knocked the ornament off the tree, not any of the kids.
 Morgan was pretty excited about this movie. She also got a jewelry box and jewelry from Grandma Sallie for her birthday present.

 We managed to get a few pictures of the boys, but not any of them smiling. They all are going through an "I hate having my picture taken" phase.
 The little kids were more than happy to pick up the slack though.
My Dad has this little reindeer toy that plays "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer". Owen was absolutely fascinated by it. He kept playing it over and over and dragging my Mom in to listen to it. He thought it was the funniest thing.

Brenna was all about the food. She tried one of everything. Literally one of everything. I think she took one bite out of EVERYTHING. Not one piece of banana bread, one bite out of each piece. She also learned how to make friends with the dog, who normally has a healthy fear of her. I caught her taking a bite of cheese and then giving the rest of the piece to the dog. Which still wasn't as bad as the time I caught her giving the dog a bite and then taking another bite herself.

Have I mentioned how much I love my family? My parents have been divorced since I was 12, yet my Mom and Dad and Stepdad can all get together at a party and celebrate. That seems to be pretty rare among divorced families. My sister and I  and our children really appreciate it. It was also nice to have my Grandma there, she happens to be the only living Grandparent in both mine and Rod's families. I really want my kids to know her.
 My Dad's surgery is scheduled for 6:00 AM, so it was really nice to have this day with him while he was feeling well enough to enjoy it.
Then there is my sister who works retail and is a little busy this time of year. Unfortunately, she's coming down with a sore throat, but it was still nice to spend some time with her ( she missed Thanksgiving since stores don't close for that anymore). I was so glad we found a day that worked for everyone to get together!

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