Saturday, December 28, 2013

Play Silks

I've always loved Waldorf style toys for my kids. They can be pretty expensive though. Since I'm a crafty type of person and the Waldorf philosophy is very much in favor of do-it-yourself, I make most of my own. Except for the wooden stuff because I have to draw the line somewhere and wood crafting is a lot harder to do with little kids around than knitting, sewing, and felting.

 One of the things I've always wanted for the kids is a set of playsilks. This Christmas, I finally broke down and made some. I actually bought the scarves already hemmed because the price wasn't much different than hemming them myself. Then I invested in a set of acid dyes and dyed them myself. We've done a lot of dying before, but I hadn't used acid dyes before. Admittedly, I spent almost as much money on the dyes and scarf blanks as I would have spent on pre-dyed scarves, but I like my home dyed ones better and I still have plenty of dyes left over for other projects, like yarn.

The kids love playing with these. They use them for everything from capes, to blankets, to playscapes, and more. The silk has such an amazing texture that the kids just love to touch it. Devon thinks they're pretty enough to just wear as scarves too. 
I kettle dyed these scarves to get the variegated look, but I want to try some more with different dying techniques too.  Wouldn't tye-dyed ones be great?

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