Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Three way toast!
We have a tradition here of celebrating the New Year by time zone. We start with Eastern Standard after which the youngest kids go to bed. Then we move to Central time and the next kids go to bed. This year we have children old enough to make it all the way to the Pacific New Year before being sent to bed.
Sparking Grape Juice

Sparkling Apple Juice
"Keto Juice" for Owen
Brenna got real cider, but didn't get a glass cup.

We had appetizers and desserts for dinner, see all the junk food on the table?
Brenna got a little confused about the toast and tried to dump her drink into everyone else's glass.

Tomorrow, we start taking down Christmas decorations and finish finding places to put all of the Christmas presents. then next week we will, hopefully, be back to our normal schedule.

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